Your Past Does Not Define Your Future

Oprah Winfrey is a selfless philanthropist having donated over $425 million throughout her career to various causes that positively impact our people and communities. She’s a serial entrepreneur and media mogul that owns her own production company. Oprah’s strong business acumen, will to persevere, and her commitment to telling authentic stories led her to become the first black female billionaire. 

However, what most do not know is Oprah had to overcome serious trauma at an early age. She was born to a teen mother in rural Mississippi and raised without indoor plumbing. She suffered through sexual abuse for several years from the age of nine, afflicted by family members and friends of the family. Her mother was also not very supportive and expected her to be nothing more than a maid, as she was herself. Throughout her adolescence, she was met with great hardships. 

The great courageous act that we must all do, is to have the courage to step out of our history and past so that we can live our dreams. -- Oprah Winfrey

We can’t do anything to change our past or our beginnings. Looking back stops your progress; looking ahead pushes you forward. Instead of dwelling on your past, have the courage to focus on creating a better future. You should respect your past and what you’ve had to overcome up to this point. However, those experiences should only be used as wisdom to inform the decisions you make that will impact your future.

It is not easy to move on. It is not easy to forget your past. It is not easy to heal past wounds. But, it is necessary to compartmentalize pieces of your past in order to put you in the right mindset to win your future. Every day remind yourself that you are not what you used to be and that your past circumstances do not reflect where you are headed. This will empower you to press forward and be confident in pursuing your dreams.


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