Your Education is Your Ticket to Freedom

Today’s focus will be on education. We will touch on the life of Mary McLeod Bethune to help illustrate the importance of education and its meaning to our people.

It’s imperative that we as a people focus on education. That is, the opportunities that become available to us when we have made education a priority in our culture. Today, education comes in many credible forms.

You can take a traditional route and attend a college or university. You can self-educate yourself through reading books, watching videos, and engaging with mentors. You can choose to become educated through learning by doing. Or, you can take full curriculums on almost anything via the internet.

The vehicle in which you choose to educate yourself isn’t important. What is important, however, is that we never stop seeking information. What is important is that we remain lifelong students.                                        

Mary McLeod Bethune was an amazing woman that did a lot to further education and civil rights for African-Americans. She was an educator and a founder of the HBCU Bethune-Cookman University. She was also a civil rights activist and stateswoman that acted as a national advisor to President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Here’s one of her early learnings that paints a picture of why we must value our education:

 As a child, Mary would accompany her mother to deliver "white people's" wash. Allowed to go into the white children's nursery, Mary became fascinated with their toys. One day she picked up a book and as she opened it, a white child snatched it away from her, babbling she didn't know how to read. Mary decided then that the only difference between white and colored people was the ability to read and write. She was inspired to learn.

We can do anything we choose in this life. But our ceiling of opportunity is low if we go through life not seeking to be educated. We are all built the same, from the same fibers, from the same place. What separates people is simply that – education. Every day you must seek to learn more. Fill your mind with positive things. Learn all that you can and try to become an expert – a thought leader. Move forward and press towards education.

-Ambitious & Black

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