The skill for success: Willpower

It’s great that you have goals! Setting goals is a major key to finding any success in your life. Goal setting is the first step when designing a plan for your life. However, setting goals is only half of the battle. The other half of the battle is willpower.

Willpower will be the key component that will keep you on track with your goals. Willpower is a skill that we all have but not all of us cultivate. In order to have a high level of willpower, we must focus on improving the skill. 

It’s easiest to understand if you think of willpower as a muscle. The less you exercise your willpower - meaning give in to the temptations - the weaker your willpower will be. The more you exercise your willpower - meaning do what is needed, no matter what - the stronger your willpower muscle will become.

As you grow personally and professionally, you will be crossing off old goals and creating new ones. Throughout this process, your willpower will be tested. The strength of your willpower muscle directly correlates to you accomplishing goals and the speed at which you do. 

To accomplish your goals and reach the heights you always envisioned, know that it is very possible. Know that what you think about, write down, and believe in, you can turn into reality. But what it will take is unrelenting willpower. Do yourself a favor and consistently work on developing your willpower muscle. You will thank your future self.



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