The Only Route to Success

Most of us look up to and may even aspire to be like those that society considers success stories. This is usually successful entrepreneurs, athletes, entertainers, media moguls, academics, and others excelling in their crafts. If you find inspiration from these folks then that’s a great starting point to becoming your own success story.

Naturally, we have to find inspiration is something or someone to spark that flame inside of us. But, what do we do to keep that flame continuously lit? How do we maintain that same fire that we felt when we first were inspired?

In the beginning, we are so excited and motivated. We feel like we can take over the world. But then...then we run into our first battle of adversity. To you, this adversity may seem like a failure. So, you quit. Now, you’ve decided that the dream won’t work. It’s not meant to be. You’re now back where you first started. Sound familiar?

Well, if it sounds familiar it’s because this happens to us all. Yet, what separates you from those successful people that you follow, is they decided to keep going. They decided to push past that first bout of adversity. They also didn’t see that adversity as a failure but instead as a clear sign directing them to take an alternative route. 

This is to say that there is no straight line to success. There is no way for any of us to avoid adversity. This is also to say that there is no such thing as failure, IF, and only IF, you never give up. Those that we see as success stories today faced more obstacles and challenges then you will ever know. But the reason why we know of their successes today is only because they decided to keep going. That’s their big secret. 

As you start your journey to writing your own success story, remember, expect the ups and downs, left turns, and even U-turns. Because this is the route to your address on Success Boulevard. Keep going, Queen. Keep going, King.


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