Be the Change You Wish to See

We need more people that look like us, in positions of power, to fight for rights and equalities that truly serve our communities. There was a time, not long ago, when there was not a single person of color we could turn to that represented us and our agenda. Today, there are dozens. However, there’s still much work to do, and more Black people needed in political positions of power to help serve the needs of our people

Barbara Jordan was the first Black congresswoman from the deep south and the first woman ever elected to the Texas Senate in 1966. She grew up poor in a  Black neighborhood in Houston, Texas, and from an early age, she was pushed to excel in academics by her Baptist minister father. She would go on to graduate undergrad and then obtain a law degree from the prestigious Boston University Law School, where she was among only a few Black students.

She worked hard and ended up opening her own law firm which initially started out of her parent’s home. Although she loved her law practice, Barbara was compelled to do more to serve people that looked like her, came from similar communities and backgrounds and struggled like she did growing up. Thus, beginning her political career some years after opening her law practice.

In the early years, Barbara worked on campaigns for the Democratic presidential candidate John F. Kennedy and Lyndon B. Johnson. This early experience would be the impetus to help her get elected to a seat in the Texas legislature in 1966. Later on, in 1972, Barbara would win an election to the U.S. House of Representatives. 

She went on to be a powerful voice for the Black community with a political career lasting almost two decades. During her tenure, she worked on and helped pass several important reforms as well as provide counsel to several presidents, including Bill Clinton.

Ms. Barbara Jordan was a woman for the people; someone who truly believed that she needed to be the leader and voice in which we needed.

“If the society today allows wrongs to go unchallenged, the impression is created that those wrongs have the approval of the majority.”Barbara Jordan

If there are wrongs that need to be made right, injustices that need justice, or changes that need to be made -- if you can -- then you set out to be the solution. Use what you have, who you are, and the gifts that were given to you at birth -- and step up for the greater good.

Ms. Barbara Jordan sought to fight the battle via the political arena but you can choose to fight the battle how you see fit. The important thing is that you show up to the battle and ready to fight.

~Ambitious & Black

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